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Welcome to the Busy Bees Quilt Guild

Next meeting is Wednesday, February 12, at 10:00 am. On time arrivals are eligible for a door prize.

February Program Long Arm Quilting - Getting the Best for Your Quilt

Larry Bertuccelli, American Quilt Works

Our very own Larry is presenting Getting the Best for Your Quilt! In his presentation he will go over the types of quilting and what you should consider when choosing one design or another. How to prepare your quilt for the longarm quilter and the importance of doing it correctly. Also, how to communicate with your quilter. Lots of good information!

September 2019 Meeting Photos

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Busy Bees Donation Quilt

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Tickets on sale now  $1.00 ea / 6 for $5.00

Winning ticket will be drawn on May 13 2020.

President's Message -February 2020

Hello Busy Bees,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm wrapped up in your quilts. What a

great time to stay in and finish up some UFO’s.
Thank You all for a great January meeting. We approved the proposed changes in 

the Bylaws and the budget for 2020.

I would like to clarify some “things” that may have been misinterpreted. It was never said to bring your own cup to use for beverages.  We are trying to use more paper products because they are bio-degradable. If you happen to have your own cup, which many members bring to guild, feel free to refill for refreshments, but take a reasonable amount. The guild will continue to provide plates, napkins and cups and yes, if you have some left from any holidays or special occasions, and want to get rid of them, we will take them. We are not doing away with refreshments. It was suggested a lighter menu would be good, but it is left up to the monthly group to coordinate what they would like to provide. If you sign up to bring refreshments for a month, and are unable to bring them, it is your responsibility to ask someone else to cover for you, and follow up by letting Linda Clark and your group leader know who you are swapping with.

The donation quilt is a fundraiser, but should also be viewed as recognition for the guild as well as support for and outreach to an organization in the community. We do have a good balance in our account. If anyone has suggestions as to someone we could bring in for a program and workshops let the board know. We will discuss it. Remember programs can be paid by the guild, workshops are paid by the individual members. 

Please be sure to read the entire Newsletter, and visit our Facebook and Web Page. We will also be discussing our participation in Quiltfest that is being held in Greenville, April 30-May 2, 2020. We need volunteers to help sell tickets for the donation quilt and “White Glove” hostesses at Quiltfest. Busy Bees will have an exhibit with our 2019 challenge “Quilting is Music to My Ears”. We would like to have everyone who participated to show their projects. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the February12th meeting, sharing your projects ideas and input, to spread our love for quilting with each other, through the love and friendship of the Busy Bees Quilt Guild.

Happy Quilting,


We are a daytime quilters guild meeting monthly in Fountain Inn, SC. We are one of the few Upstate quilt guilds in Greenville County, South Carolina that meet during the day. Our membership averages between 75-90 members and we are growing!
We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am at the Fountain Inn Presbyterian Church, located at 307 N. Main St Fountain Inn, SC. 
Meetings run about 2 hours.

Visitors are always welcome!

For more information email busybeesqg@gmail.com

In general, if Greenville County Schools are closed, we do NOT have Guild meetings or Bee Days